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A Dickens of a Christmas

A Dickens of a Christmas

A Dickens of a Christmas

Complete Series

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A series based on the themes and ideas presented by the three spirits who visited Scrooge one fateful night.

The Hope of Christmas Past
With so much at stake this Christmas Season, love will only get in the way.
Mr. James Radcliff has never minded his lack of title or high standing among society. But then he learns that his cousin is not actually the son of the late earl; if the information ever got out, James would find himself earl and his cousin would be thrust from society. It may not be what most men would do, but this Christmas, with the help of Miss Belle Young, James is determined to find the only proof of his cousin’s illegitimacy—and destroy it.

The Joy of Christmas Present
She's never been so humiliated--and she plans to never let him forget it.

With a rocky shared history, Helena and Lord Chapman are bound to be enemies forever. But when a house party throws them together this Christmas, Helena presses the earl to help repair the damage he previously inflicted on her reputation by aiding her attempt to snag a husband from among the gentlemen at the party. The only trouble? Lord Chapman is falling for Helena’s charms himself, despite her unwillingness to forgive the hurt of the past. What would it take to help her see past the pains of before and open her heart to the opportunities between them now?

The Peace of Christmas Yet to Come
All she wants for Christmas is to keep her family together.

Miss Martha Cratchit is barely making ends meet. As a woman who once belonged to high society, options to secure a better income are limited. Peter De Ath, Duke of Pembroke, hates everyone and everything; he has no qualms with his reputation as the Silent Duke. Living drastically different lives, both their worlds are altered the day they learn stumble upon one another in the church house, and inadvertently learn the other's secret.

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