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Sweet Historical Romance

I write about good, though flawed, people who try to do what's right.

My stories include witty characters, heart-warming debacles, and there's always a swoon-worthy sweet romance!

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He’s been waiting months for her to finally notice him.
Except suddenly, he’s not the only one vying for her hand.

Daughters of Courage

Three daughters. Two parents intent on seeing them each wed.
One London Season is all they have to find love.


As it turns out, a London Season is the worst place to find love.


She wants nothing more than to leave,
He wants nothing more than for her to stay.


In his mind, nothing is more important than the plan,
In her mind, ruining the plan would be even better


He'll leave London just as soon as the excuses to stay run out...
So she determines they never will.

Lady Susan.jpg

He'll leave London just as soon as the excuses to stay run out...
So she determines they never will.

Like to color?
Yalzza has created two beautiful coloring pages featuring Dinah and Henry.


 a Dickens of a Christmas

A series based on the themes and ideas presented by the three Spirits who visited Scrooge that fateful night.


With so much as stake this Christmas season, love will only get in the way.


She's never been so humiliated--and she plans to never let him forget it.


All she wants for Christmas this year

is to keep her family together.


Lockhart Family

Five siblings. each hoping to find love. But once they do, they will each have to prove the lengths they will go to keep it.


Forced into a betrothal with an abusive man, her only way out will be to beat her fiancé at his own game.


He's from lords; she sides with commons. Watch out London, sparks will fly.


Save a man's life? Or protect her own reputation? It's an impossible entanglement.


She loves him. Which is why he can never know, even if it means saying goodbye.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that two conniving minds are better than one.


Stand alone/Collaborations

Everyone wears masks.
Alice's is just a bit more scandalous than most.

An Autumn Kiss EBOOK COVER.jpg

Will one kiss change their lives?
My story: The Plucky Miss Ruth

Stand Alone

Twelfth Night Novellas


Grace plans to marry the host of their Christmas house party.
Ezra has only until it ends to convince her otherwise.


A reversal of fortune, two unsuspecting suitors, and a Christmas not to be forgotten.

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