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The Dauntless Lady Susan

The Dauntless Lady Susan

Daughters of Courage

Prequel Novella

Available formats:

She’ll never see him as more than a friend. He’ll never see her as less than his everything.

This past London Season has made two facts abundantly clear to Lord William Blackmore: he is not the gentleman Lady Susan is looking for, while she is the only lady he could ever love. But how exactly does one court a lady after having dumped pond water over her head as a child?

When Susan confronts him about his mysterious love interest, William falters and instead of confessing the truth, he asks Susan to teach him how to capture a lady’s affections. Unable to stop herself from playing matchmaker, Susan agrees, unaware William’s true target is herself.

However, it soon becomes apparent, if William is to keep Susan as a friend, he’ll forever lose the chance at more. But how can he win her heart, when, if he tells her the truth, he may lose her completely?

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