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The Tenacious Lady Blackmore

The Tenacious Lady Blackmore

Daughters of Courage

Book Four

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There may be time for one last match this Season--All it will take is a little tenacity.

Lady Charlotte Blackmore has spent her life helping the vulnerable find refuge at The Asylum for Orphaned Girls. But now her association with Seth threatens that—members on the committee refuse to trust a woman who they believe has set her cap at a man decidedly below her station.

While Charlotte declares otherwise, Sir Seth Mulgrave is even more adamant. He failed the woman he cared for once. Now, over two decades later, he’s not willing to take a chance on love again.

Knowing how important Charlotte’s work is to her, Seth proposes a plan—they will convince society they are only friends. Proving you’re only friends with someone you care deeply for is not as easy as it sounds, though. But, pursuing a relationship would mean no longer being able to help young girls at risk—how can either of them be at peace with that?

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