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Daughters of Courage

Daughters of Courage

Daughters of Courage

Complete Series

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Step into the opulent world of Regency-era London with this captivating boxed set and journey alongside five extraordinary women, each uncovering their own unique courage.

Meet Susan who learns to look beyond her preconceived notions; Eliza, who defies convention to find her voice; Rachel who dsicovers the courage to let go of her painful past and embrace the uncertainty of the future; Dinah, an unyielding optimist facing adversity; and Charlotte, unapologetically herself against societal pressures.

Immerse yourself in their stories, where courage and romance intertwine. This boxed set includes the four main novels, plus the prequel novella The Dauntless Lady Susan, and three exclusive bonuses—a reflective essay from the author, a never-before-published deleted scene, and a Mulgrave and Blackmore family tree.

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