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A Farewell Kiss

A Farewell Kiss

Lockhart Sweet Regency Romance

Book Four

Sometimes saying goodbye is too painful.

Quintin Lockhart has been in love with Esther since they were children. After an extended trip to India, she’s finally back on English soil. But it becomes painfully obvious after their first meeting that Esther isn’t ready to fall into his waiting arms.

Esther Collingwood’s trip abroad was not at all the lovely adventure she’d been hoping for. Backed into a corner one fateful night, Esther saved herself the only way she could, sacrificing another woman’s happiness in the process. Unable to forgive herself, Esther determines she doesn’t deserve her own happily ever after.

Struggling to understand the change he sees in Esther, Quintin tries desperately to show her that he still cares. But Esther, drowning in heavy shame, refuses to listen to her own heart. When all that happened in India comes to light, will Esther be able to work through the darkness inside herself and find happiness with Quintin once more?

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