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The Complete Lockhart Series

The Complete Lockhart Series

Lockhart Sweet Regency Romance

Complete Series

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Five siblings. Five full-length romances. Five opportunities to prove love can conquer all.

If you like sweet and wholesome romances in a charming regency world, stories full of passion that will keep you up all night, then you will love this five book series. Grab the complete series here and start reading today!
#1 Wager for a Lady's Hand
With their future and her safety on the line, Miss Marianne Twisden and Lord Sheldon Lockhart must think several steps ahead if they ever hope to out-play their opponent and have a shot at victory and their own happily ever after.

#2 Lily for my Enemy
Lord Felix Lockhart will stop at nothing to prove he's ready to be a member of Lords. Miss Jocelyn Hunt is his biggest critic. But, can their undeniable connection be enough to bridge two groups determined to hate one another?

#3 A Heart in the Balance
Lord Nigel Southcott is a man with too many secrets. Lady Cassandra Lockhart is the woman who finds him nearly dead. But with a dangerous man hunting Nigel down, can love still find a way?

#4 A Farewell Kiss
Lord Quintin Lockhart has loved Esther Collingwood since they were children. But after a trip to India, she seems to no longer care for him. Can Quintin find a way to remind her how much they mean to one another? Or will love fail them both?

#5 A Well-Kept Promise
Lady Venetica Lockhart is determined to remain unattached until her next London Season. Edmund Dawkes, Marquess of Ashbrook, has his eye on another woman but can't seem to draw her attention. While at a picnic, they make an agreement to help one another. But love has far different plans for them.

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