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A Wish for Father Christmas

A Wish for Father Christmas

A Christmas Match

Book Five (of multi-author series)

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Everyone wears masks. Alice's is just a bit more scandalous than most.

Life has taught Lady Alice Nightingale she cannot trust a man. She would never even consider remarrying, if it wasn’t painfully clear that her son needs a father. With no male relative to help her see past the masks everyone wears among society, Alice chooses to embark on a most risky endeavor—she will be Lady Nightingale half the time, and Mr. Allen, her own cousin, the other half.

Lord Isaac Brooks has tried everything else, but it is now clear he must marry a woman with a large dowry or lose everything. Such would be simple, if Lady Nightingale would stay out of his way and out of his mind—as the daughter of the man responsible for his near ruin, Isaac would court any woman before her.

Alice practices and rehearses and yet she still isn’t prepared for Lord Brooks, a man who shows Lady Nightingale utter disdain while showing Mr. Allen friendship, and even trust. Nor is she ready for her heart to find in him the companion she’d only ever dreamed of. But how can they ever become more when, if she were to tell him the truth, she’d only prove herself to be as manipulative as her father?

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