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Sugar Plums and Scandal

Sugar Plums and Scandal

Twelfth Night Novella

Novella Two

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A reversal of fortune, two unsuspecting suitors, and a Christmas not to be forgotten.

Once the diamond of the Season, Lady Augusta is now left to face the consequences of her sister’s scandal and her family’s financial downfall. Desperate to rescue her loved ones from destitution, she resolves to sacrifice love for a marriage of wealth.

Mr. Jacob Hatcher, determined to lift his own family from poverty, learns of Lady Augusta’s plight, and her dowry. With a plan to help them both, he offers for Lady Augusta’s hand. But just as an agreement is about to be struck, Jacob’s cousin, the wealthy and charismatic Lord Bartlett, decides to contend for Lady Augusta’s attentions as well.

With so many futures on the line, Augusta arranges for both gentlemen to spend Christmas with her family. Yet what started as a calculated business arrangement swiftly descends into a chaotic tangle of emotions. Amidst swirling snowflakes and glittering holiday festivities Augusta finds herself torn between duty and the whispers of her heart. With yuletide magic weaving its enchantment around them all, can love defy reason this Christmas?

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